Betterøv - Interviews



After a whole season away from football your beloved interviewer Juanitta Babcock is back.
Her first duty is an interview with the two YP's Bo Vester and Jacob Larsen.

"Bo, you where promoted to the senior-team early 2006." "What do you think of the first 10 months?"

"Well, I personally had a tough start because a lot of young talents were brought into the club." "Most of them had more experience than me and I played a lot of matches with reserves."
"Because of some injuries (Some of the foreign players couldn't handle the "Danish Frikadeller - Meatballs!") I was called in and reached out for the chance of getting a place among the 11 starters." "And I have been there almost ever since."
"It is great fun to play here now." "Especially because we have won 25 of the last 29 matches and had 3 defeats and one draw." "In the league we've had 12 consecutive wins and that really help a lot on the team spirit." "The coach seems happy too because we are now allowed to drink a couple of beers after each match we win." "Actually he said that we could have one extra beer for every consecutive win but with 12 so far we have gotten quite "aroused" after the last 3-4 games."

"What about future plans?"

"Hhmm...I really haven't thought about that yet." "I still have much to learn and reckon that I will play a couple of seasons yet before leaving." "My skills have improved drastically and I just want to do best I can for the team and see it survive in VI next season:"

"Yes, it's no secret that last season was set back for the club." "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Actually no, because the manager specifically told us to forget the whole season." "But with the recent victories and a much better team, we all are sure of staying alive in VI the next season." The problem was that we played optimally each match in season 28 but couldn't cope with the stronger players in VI - Season 29." "We lost almost all our matches and our team spirit and confidence were at its all time low." "With that in mind we decided to retreat out of the league just to fight for a better team and a comeback in season 31!" "And it seems like we have made that promise into a success." "We are looking forward to season 31 since we have upgraded with a completely new defence - including a new Brilliant goalkeeper."


"And Jacob, you have been one of the season's new stars!" "With 4 goals so far and a Hattrick earlier this season you must be quite happy?"

"First of all I have to correct you since I have scored 5 goals!" "But of course I'm happy." "I managed to get a great start at Betterøv and have improven my skills drastically." "I see my self as a solid passing player with a brilliant playmaking!" "Therefore making me a natural choice for the offensive midfield."

"That seems a little self-satisfied to me but does it mean that you really believe in your own success?"

 "I don't think I'm self-satisfied just true to my heart." "If you take a look at our team I'm sure we can stay alive in VI and maybe even stay in the top 5!" "I don't have more time for this right now but do you want a drink with me later this weekend?" "After our match Sunday I'm off the pitch for a 1½ week and then you and I could have some fun!?"

"Jacob I don't find this amusing!" "Are you sure you don't say this because of my surname?"

"He, he...I'm sitting right in front of you and even with a name like Babcock I would like to go out with you!" "You look georgious- darling!"

*Giggling* "Ok, but I can only stay for a week!" "I have some pre-season 31-work to do!"



The final matches in season 28 are about to be played and it's a quite exciting ending we have.
The Coach, Norwegian Halvor Grubbmo, says:

"The result of two matches decides which teams are promoted to VI and who stays in VII.
The current standing is:

  Team Played Goals Points


betterøv 13 51 - 32 31


Sneslev FC 13 54 - 25 28
3. -vokuhila- 13 44 - 28 28


ForzaFC 13 29 - 38 21

The two matches are:

Betterøv vs. Sneslev FC
ForzaFC vs.-Vokuhila-

"As you can see number one and two are to play each other and number 3 is playing against number 4."
"ForzaFC in fourth is definitive out of the promtion race.
The best thing is that we are promoted with a win or a draw but even a defeat is ok if -Vokuhila- is defeated or draw their match too ."

"-Vokuhila- can only hope that we defeat Sneslev FC, they then only need a draw to get promoted. Otherwise they need a win if we get a draw against Sneslev FC
If...and I can't imagine that, Sneslev FC wins with a single goal, -Vokuhila- has to win with 3 goals surplus, if Sneslev FC wins with 2 goals surplus they need a 2 goals win etc.
If -Vokuhila- vs. ForzaFC ends with a Forza victory then we have to send Sneslev FC home with at least a 14 goal surplus defeat to get -Vokuhila- promoted.
So I guess -Vokuhila- hope that Gretar and Egon are in their best form ever and deliver the goals that will send -Vokuhila- in second place instead of Sneslev FC."

"The board, the leaders, the players and the fans are very happy with this seasons results. But it will be much more difficult to play in Div VI in next season. I hope the sponsors are ready to put some more money in the club to get a few more players"

"After this match we deserve some days off with the posibillity to see more of Aalborg, especially "Jomfru Ane Gade"! Some friends from AaB have invited us a couple of times but we had to say no. I don't really get it: How can they be out all night and then play SAS-liga the day after???"



The Spanish player Marcos Matesanz is todays player in the "hot spot"

"Marcos, you are the first player to get a red card in "Betterøv's" history. Any comments?"

"I'm not proud of it but we really had to fight to get the ball possession on the midfield. I must state that it was not a true red card but after 3 yellow cards in 3 matches I get a one match suspension. Next Sunday I'll be on the stadium but among the spectators - hopefully enjoying a hotdog and a beer. I really want to play that game because it's a vital match and we MUST win it to stay in top 4! The guys are in good shape right now and I hope we can show everybody that we belong in the top."

"You have been in the club for almost a year now. You were the first foreigner in the team, how would you describe the first year here in Aalborg?"

"At first the language seemed to be the most difficult thing to master. Soccer is a "worldwide language" so it was only during tactics I had problems. The club has done an outstanding job to teach me the Danish language. The manager (Henrik Nielsen - editor) hired the teachers that thaught Her Royal Highness - The Crown Princess of Denmark the Danish language. And within a week I could say "Rødgrød med fløde"! I still don't know what it is but everyone laughs when we talk about "old days"

"What are your ambitions during this season and next season?"

"In the start I played as a winger and I really enjoyed it. But the former coach saw a potential midfielder in my playing style and I have been there ever since. I have always dreamt of playing for the Spanish U-21 team but I must admit that a spot there is far away right now. I would like to play in Denmark for a couple years and then maybe return to Spain to play for F.C. Barcalona. That would be my highest dream when talking of the future."



Almost halfway through the season and placed third. An interview with the coach.

"You have now been in the club for almost 3 months and some of the players seem to have found a new portion of energy. What do you think of the first couple of months?"

"First I'd like to say that I'm pleased to be here. The club is prosperous and it seems we are slowly getting a stable team playing to win each week and stay in top 4 of the league. The "older" players and fans have been fantastic to the new, young players coming to the club. It's always hard to start in a new club and aged 17-18 it's surely not easier. No mom to wash the socks and underwear! :-)"

"Currently we are number 3 and I'd like to stay here this season. I mean, it is always a pleasure to win the league but for now I don't think the players have enough routine to play in series VI"
"So, if we could finish 3rd this season I would be very happy. Meanwhile some of the younger players are going to be vital for the team next season. Some of them might have higher ambitions than VII - VI and wish to leave the club but for now we have 30 skilled players and all of them are ready to play."



Today we have arranged the first interview with the new trainer, Halvor Grubbmo - Norway, and we would like to hear his opinion of the first 1½ week in Denmark.

"Today you have been in the club for 9 days. The results are quite spectacular: 3 matches (2 friendly + 1 liga) played, 3 won with a total goal score 14-5! Though the first training session really pulled out some sweat on players' faces. What are your comments?"

"Well, first of all I would like to say that I'm astonished by the way the players, board members and especially the manager - Henrik Bach Nielsen have received me. My time in Norwegian soccer was fun but the last couple of months the players were a bit restless. The snow was everywhere and all the players seemed to be more into snow ball fights than training. Even the manager and the club owner left the club because of the way the players behaved."

"At first it seemed to me that the form was in bad shape at Betterøv. I want the players to be fit for fight all the time and after the first couple of training days I could see that some of the players were too sure of their regular spots so I decided to challenge them and let them know that NO one are sure to be in the lineup until the last training before a match. That really took a toll on some of the players and the form made a dive too. But we are back in business. The form is on way up again and we have had some great days at Betterøv Training Facilities."

"My intention is to make the players better at goalscoring. We scored 14 goals the last 3 matches but the opponents have not been frightening so the real test is coming now where we face the top-3 teams in the league. The young players we have bought recently really look promising and I hope they will stabilize the attacking. Further back in the defence we  experienced some difficulties because of injuries. We have some experienced players right now but I hope we can get one or two more to be covered in case of injuries or suspensions."