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Teams that Betterøv support:   Team ID: Manager: Date of beeing a proud Hattrick member: League: Team logo: Favourite www:
"Bach's Superstars" 926497 Brian B. K. 1st of June 2005 VI.1010 Click Here
"Cobraerne" 200017 Colin B. 23rd of May 2005
 (My birthday!)
VII.417 Click Here
"Team Hacster" 18734 Michael V. J. 28th of Nov. 2004 VI.163 Click Here
"Arrghhh" 575768 Daniel A. 23rd of Nov. 2004 V.229 Click Here
"Mus" 406688 Rasmus R. 6th of Feb. 2005 VI.709 Click Here
"Real Lau" 573015 Kristian L. 31st of July 2005 VI.947 Click Here

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