Betterøv - The Manager


Here the manager Henrik Bach Nielsen will give his opinion of the forthcoming season, financial statements, interviews and much more. We will try to schedule at least a couple of interviews each month.

- Yours sincerly,

Svend Gehrs, Carsten Werge and Per Frimann. Soccer specialists and journalists.


Season 30

"Ahhh, the taste of victory is great." (09-12-2006)

"Ok, relegated but back on track." "I guess we where to good at making the best out of our team in season 28 because we weren't ready to play in VI last season. Our tactics worked fine but some injuries made us vulnerable in the defence and on the midfield"
"A couple of new players and the fact that our young PM's really start to show what's all about, make me hope that this season will be a stepping stone to some great play the forthcoming 12 weeks."

"With 4 games played - 3 wins and one draw - it looks like we will be in Top-2 for the whole season. Although I fear the harsh play by some of our competitors." "The last arrived player still has a  couple of weeks before he is fit-for-fight but the physios and doctors will do all they can to get him on the track before the "October-fest" is coming up." "We all know that the kind of parties held here in Aalborg makes a difference to injuried players. Some of them even started to play several weeks before planned!"

"Unfortunately we lost the 2nd Cup match against AC Florentia Viola."  "Ranked #3 in their VI league we had to mobilize all extra power and great play." "That resulted in overweight on the midfield but their forwards ran the crap out of my defenders anyway." "As one defender said: "It felt like being lined up for a race in a go-cart while they were in a dragster." "Unfair but we gave all the energy we could."
"I'm sure there will be more interviews later on this season." "It sure looks like a great season!"


Season 29

"I still don't know what went wrong!" (07-30-2006)

"Well, first of all I really like to apologise to ALL our fans, sponsors and the people who have helped us through the season."
"Our goal was to survive the first season in VI but with 3 lost matches within the first 4 rounds it was doomed to be a survival test." "We won 2 matches and had 2 draws, I understand why the fans were angry with us at some times." But I hope that everyone understands the pressure these young players were put at in their first time appearance in VI."

"At the end of the season I let our talent coach concentrate solely on the YP's and let the chef at our staff restaurant take control of the training." "We were losing all the games anyway so why not concentrate on healthy food and some funny training." "I Sat down at the office, closed the door for 5 days and started to look at players that would strenghten our 1st team." It culminated yesterday with a signed contract from an experienced and only 25 year old player that, when he is fit again, will be a great defender."
"The club has bought 3 defenders during the last couple of months with a total price of nearly DKR. 20.000.000!" "This, combined with the fact that they will recieve a lot of routine during this season should be enough to stay in VI next season."


Season 28

"What a season!!" (04-06-2006)

"With a great 5-4 away win against Sneslev FC in the first match we hoped for a good season. Now placed 1st with one round to go (Home against Sneslev FC in second place) we really have to fight hard to win the Division VII.301."
"But we have done it before and I'm sure we can do it again. Some of our talented players are about to become even more skilled and they have proven to be "True Betterøv players" by the means of fight, stamina, skill and wisdom. So we bet on ourself this weekend and hope to be promoted and play in the Div. VI next season."

"We only got 2 matches in the Cup this season but next season I definitely want a 3rd round" Unfortunately, luck is a major factor. Some teams from VII draw lower ranked teams the first 3 or 4 mathces while others get a III team in second round. I can't see the logic in it and hope the Cup board will look into this in the near future."

"For now I'll thank the fans of Betterøv Support, the sponsors, and all the parents who decide to let their young sons play in our club. In that way we can hope of some talented and skillful players the next seasons too!"


"It is a disgrace!" (03-16-2006)

"The last match against Forza FC was clearly an indication that some of the key players already are looking forward to play in a higher division!"
"But I am frankly quite disappointed with that attitude. That is why we lost the match to Forza FC (4-2, Forza FC is # 6 at the moment)  and now we really have to fight again to keep the second place and the chance to get into the play-offs."

"We have had some talks the last couple of days and I think they all get the point and  have promised that this was an - One time only ooops!"

"The youngsters where a bit shocked and lost their training match against "Bavaria Beer" from Banja Luka in Bosnia Hercegovina without even producing a single chance at the opponents goal! That'll be 90 minutes with our team not being near their goalkeeper....So everyone in the club must face themselves and think about some ways to forget this week and get on with their football life!"

"With that said I see a squad that will grow further the next couple of seasons. Some of the younger players we bought a couple of seasons ago are now playing really well and we have pulled some YP's that have proven worthy for the 1st team and most of them are looking forward to play here or go out in the big world of football."


" We have seen some great play in 2006. What's the secret?" (02-06-2006)

"First of all I have to greet the players, the board directors, my bank connections and most of all...The Fans! It has been amazing to play at Betterøv Arena with full house - almost 15.000 spectators. I'm currently trying to receive offers from contractors for a major renewal of the stadium. 15K seats are not enough anymore when the fanclub - Betterøv Support - has almost 1200 members."

"To your question I can only say that our coach has done a terrific job since he joined the club. Some of the older players have seen their second youth and he has been fantastic when selecting players from abroad. We intensified the training and now train 2 times a day 5 days a week. On Wednesdays we only train once because of the friendlies or cup matches. The form has rissen to Acceptable or better for the majority of the players and we have seen great improvement in their playing style."

"Unfortunately we don't have the team to compete in the VI series for now and I guess we have to sell some of the youngsters to get the money to strengthen our team next season. I can only appologise but that is the way a modern soccer club is lead."


Season 27

"Midway through the season and number 5. Are you satisfied?" (11-14-2005)

"Hhmm, given the circumstance I think we should be happy with the result so far. Our Spanish player, Marcos Matezans was injured for 8 weeks in a wicked match vs. Team Storm. He was tackled fiercly from the behind and when the stretcher came in and Marcos was put on it, the Team Storm player kicked him in the groin! And all he was shown was a yellow card!!! I then again raised the question regarding video surveilance of each player on the field. At least we, at Betterøv have put up 100 new cameraes to cover the stadium and womens toilets. The last one is off the records of course! :-)"


"What are your objectives for this season?" (09-16-2005)

"Well, with a new trainer (Thomas Dreschel from Austria - editor) we want to stay in the league and hopefully in the upper half. It will undoubtly be a tough season. It seems that the other teams are veterans but I hope our young squad will outrun them and give us a good start at the season."


"You have just bought 3 new players. What do you expect from them?"

"They are all young but I see something special in their eyes and footwork - a mix of Diego Armando Maradona and Pelé. Fabian Adlassing was brought here by our coach who knows him from the time back in Austria. I must say we have done a scoop. We bought him for a very small fee only. The two others will be signed  a 2 year contract and then hopefully climb up the ladder to reach the stars"


Season 26

"You seemed to get hold of the players and the economy in this season?"

"Yes, we started to work together as a team. Not only the coach and I but the players, fans and our chef as well. Some of the players were rather "heavy" and lost a pace or two for each 10 meters when playing matches. So we decided to make diet meals, with diet coke to the players. And within 4-5 weeks most of them was actually able to run 80-90% of the time in each match. We also bought some foreign players - Yes they are a bit expensive but the fact that they scored more goals and gave our Danish players a boost was enough for me to keep them. A lot of the young guys are still so young that I reckon they will be here for years to come."

"The economy started to stabilize halfway through the season. Our papers at the office where now used on both sides, the plates and glass at the staff restaurant where now beeing washed at 40°C instead of 60°C. That trick saved us at least 100K pro anno. No one has so far been sick because of it so we will keep the lover temperature for a while."

"As we started to win some of the games the spectators started to regain their seats and not so few of them joined the new fan club - Betterøv Support. The guys behind the fan club have done a tremendous piece of work and I nothing but fine words to say about them."

"The end of season 26 was a thriller! Betterøv and F.C. Cøterne fought all way to week 13 side by side but with two losses for Cøterne and one for us the last two matches we pulled the longest straw and ended number 1. I have to admit that a little tear or two squeeked from my eyes when the captain, Bjarne Lindby, received the trophy at the end of the game. With 2 of the new players in top 3 of the topscores list I hope we will see some spectacular goals the next season!"


Season 25

"We all know that you would like to forget the first season in the club - In fact we all want to forget it - but could you for the record give a short summary of the first season?"

"My first season as a manager started the 6th of February 2005, 2 weeks after the league start. The old manager sadly caught the flu and went to The Canary Islands for one week to get well. He never returned and no one has ever heard of him since!! So I was asked to stand in as the Head Coach for a while. Until then I have only had a briefly glimpse of the work as a manager at my old club Vegger I.F. where I was head coach. As a result the communication between the coach and I was really poor. We made some bad investments at Betterøv Arena and bought some players with not enough skill for an ambitious club as ours. We finally ended as number 3 - THANK GOD for that. A relegation would have been disastrous."