Betterøv - Stadium



Betterøv Arena currently allows 48.000 spectators to watch their favourite team.


The stadium info:

Date of last improvement: 01-09-07

Total capacity: 48.000

Terraces: 30.288
Basic seating: 12.048
Seats under roof: 4.416
Seats in VIP boxes: 1.248


Overview of the new stadium.


New seating groups.


Seen from back row.


Daily view from my office.



Betterøv Arena as of August 2007

Total capacity: 30.000

Terraces: 18.900
Basic seating: 7.500
Seats under roof: 3.000
Seats in VIP boxes: 600


Computer drawing of the 30K stadium!


Bird perspective.


The building starts.


Entrance from the sponsor side.


Roofing has started.


The pitch seen from the "supporter corner".


Journalists area.



Betterøv Arena as of June 2006

Total capacity: 24.000

Terraces: 15.120
Basic seating: 6.000
Seats under roof: 2.400
Seats in VIP boxes: 480


The new Betterøv Arena on drawing board. (June 2006)


Wide angle view of stadium.


Match being played.


Aerial photo of Betterøv Arena.



Betterøv Arena as of March 2006

Total capacity: 18.000

Terraces: 11.340
Basic seating: 4.500
Seats under roof: 1.800
Seats in VIP boxes: 360


Betterøv Arena with new training facilities in upper left corner (Mar. 2006)


Overview of stadium (Mar. 2006)


Drawing of Arena and training facilities. (Mar. 2006)


8 hour switch over to American Football field. (Mar 2006)



Betterøv Arena as of November 2005

Total capacity: 14.820

Terraces: 9.450
Basic seating: 3.750
Seats under roof: 1.340
Seats in VIP boxes: 280


Betterøv Arena as it looks today. (Nov. 2005)



A view from the supporters side. (Nov. 2005)


VIP entrance. (Nov. 2005)


VIP rooms. (Nov. 2005)


VIP seats outside. (Nov. 2005)



The old Stadium as of February 2005

Total capacity: 12.000

Terraces: 8.000
Basic seating: 3.000
Seats under roof: 1.000
Seats in VIP boxes: 0

A picture of the old stadium. (Feb. 2005)


One more of the old stadium. (Feb. 2005)