Some abbrevations used here.


VFR: Visual Flight Rules

IFR: Instrument Flight Rules

CPL: Commercial Pilot Licence

MCC: Multi Crew Cooperation

ME: Multi Engine

SE: Single Engine









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Henrik Bach Nielsen
23rd of May 1976
175 cm
75 kg
Aalborg, Denmark
A job as a pilot



CV -





Curriculum Vitae



Educated Commercial Pilot from TEC-Aviation, Roskilde, December 2004

         JAR FCL CPL with IR/ME/SE

         MCC on FNPT-II simulator (Beech 200)

         Frozen JAA ATPL

         Attitude Aviation Aerobatic Program

         SAS letter of accrediting

         GPS approach qualification


(See more of info and pictures of the education at the detailed page)



1993 1995               Higher preparation examination.

1999 2000               Physics, B-Level.

2002 2004               JAR Integrated ATPL Course at TEC-Aviation.


Working career

1996 1997               Danish Army - Conscript.

                                Commander of an armoured personnel carrier.

1998 1999               Royal Danish Air Force.

                                Sergeant school and student at RDAF Flying School.

1999 2002                  Warehouse worker at Arla Foods. (Dairy)

                                Forklift driver and training new employees.


2005                      Employee at Royal Unibrew - Denmark. (Beer depot)

                                Miscellaneous jobs. (e.g. packaging, delivering)


Spare time


  • Enjoying my girlfriend, Winnie

  • Seeking a job as a pilot

  • Doing all kind of sports

  • Hanging out with friends

  • Managing my website

  • Flying with friends and family



Future plans


Getting a job and start a career as a pilot ASAP!

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